In Memoriam

We have the privilege and opportunity to find each other and reconnect over the years. This is not so for every member of the Class of 1978. It’s a part of our duty going forward to not only remember the members of our class that are no longer with us, but to celebrate their lives.


  • Dexter Curtis Adams

    Dexter Curtis Adams

    “D.C.’s” dynamic personality was an inspiration to us all. As one of the most versatile athletes at West Point, Dexter devoted his time to the Track and 150 lb. Football Teams. His aggressiveness in competition, capped with a snappy wit off the field, has built friendships which will endure forever.

    • WKDT 4
    • Contemporary Affairs Seminar 4,3,2,1
    • Car Committee 2,1
    • Rabble Rousers 4
    • CPRC 3,2,1
    • 150 lb. Football 4,3,2,1
    • Outdoor Track 4,3,2,1
    • Indoor Track 4,3,2,1
    Infantry Insignia
  • Anthony T. Alt

    Anthony T. Alt

    Long and lean, Tony came up the Hudson from “God’s Country”, Long Island with a quick wit. Tony will be remembered for his jovial attitude and the ability to say the right things to cheer your day. Whether it is “this, that or the other thing,” Tony has it all.

    • Bridge Club 3,2,1
    • Aero-Astra Club 3,2,1
    Air Defense Artillery Insignia
  • Richard M. Bega

    Richard M. Bega

    The “Begs” hails from sunny California and insists I Corinthians 9:24 was written for him, not for Curt Alitz. Always willing to work at “chicken hawking” and other problems peculiar to late Saturday night, Rich will always be remembered for his running ability and easygoing character.

    • Cross Country 4,3,2,1
    • Indoor Track 4,3,2,1
    • Outdoor Track 4,3,2,1
    Infantry Insignia
  • Jeffrey C. Benchich

    Jeffrey C. Benchich

    Jeff came to W.P. from Michigan with golf clubs in hand, and birdied every hole the Academy could lay before him. He excelled in everything, be it academics, athletics, or leadership. His familiar figure burning the midnight oil amazed us all; phone in left hand, calculator in right, Howitzers stacked to the ceiling and clubs in the corner, he simultaneously mastered more projects then we could count. We only hope his love of the Engineers stays as strong as our fondness for him.

    • Howitzer 4
    • Circulation Editor 3,2
    • Editor-in-Chief 1
    Engineers Corps Insignia
  • Jeffrey M. Blower

    Jeffrey M. Blower

    Easy going and always prepared to lend a helping hand, Captain Video will always fill a warm spot in our hearts and a seat in the F-1 dayroom. The Buffalo proved that you don’t have to run two miles to be an Armor officer. And he will surely be a great one!

    • Cross Country 4,3,2,1
    • Indoor Track 4,3,2,1
    • Outdoor Track 4,3,2,1
    Armor Branch Insignia
  • Keith Earle Bonn

    Keith Earle Bonn

    Kit is a military generalist. See him if you want a Kipling expert or a good boxer; if you need poop on medieval weapons, lacrosse, or Martin Luther. He’ll embellish an Airborne story – or happily make one up – on request. One thing you can be sure of – when you get Kit, you get the best there is.

    • Cadet Chapel Choir 4,3
    • Military Affairs Club 4,3
    Infantry Insignia
  • Kirk A. Boothe

    Kirk A. Boothe

    Emergency? Not for Kirk! Emerging from the backwoods of Schenectady, Kirk will finally wind up as an Infantry soldier, after four years of West Point processing. Kirk gave his "all" to wrestling, track and his loved company. His Civil Engineering sometimes suffered, but never his friends. Good luck Kirk.

    • Wrestling 4,3,2
    • Track 4,1
    • CPRC 3,2,1
    Infantry Insignia
  • Thomas A. Bush

    Thomas A. Bush

    T. Bush. He is as sharp as the ace of spades. This may help explain all those late night bridge games. He could always be counted on if he was needed. T. Bush, he is going to go a long way!

    • Cadet Band 4
    • CPRC 2
    • Honor Commitee 1
    Signal Corps Insignia
  • Randy M. Cotton

    Randy M. Cotton

    Randy was the sarcastic third of the D-2 “Cav troop.” Born with that native talent to succeed, Randy maintained diverse interests: Karen, Cav, Camaro, caffeine, nicotine, etc., and he loved all of them. His favorite line, “I could be a star-man, but…” Good luck, Randy!

    • Chinese Club 4,3,2
    • Wrestling 4
    Armor Branch Insignia
  • Milan C. Dahlquist

    Milan C. Dahlquist

    Keep track of Milan. He’ll be in a position to offer you a job when you retire.

    • Engineering Forum 3,2,1
    • Ski Club 4,3,2,1
    • Ski Instructors 2,1
    • Dialectic Society 2,1
    Engineers Corps Insignia
  • Alan L. Davis

    Alan L. Davis

    Pressed from the first reg. mold for plebes Al is convinced, “…the world has…”. Scrambled to the fourth regiment, he joined the Hogs and kept them in line. Al found his calling in the artillery; all the way – Airborne!

    • Outdoor Sportsman’s Club 3,2
    • X Karate club 2
    • Pointer 3
    Field Artillery Insignia
  • Keith Robert Donnelly

    Keith Robert Donnelly

    Keith was the jet set of B-2 with his 280-Z and his fast wine-women. “Top “ shouldered his diamond well with his famous four letter vocabulary and his favorite saying, “B Company, fall in!” Mr. Compliment always has a good word for everyone and will go far in the Army.

    • Goat-Engineers 2
    • CPRC 1
    • Behavorial Science Club 4
    Armor Branch Insignia
  • George R. Dunaway

    George R. Dunaway

    On the gridiron or in the rack, “Runaway” applied himself to the utmost of his capabilities. Never allowing academics to interfere with his numerous extracurricular activities, George fought an arduous, but successful, running battle with the Dean.

    • Football 2,1
    • Indoor Track 4,3,2,1
    • Outdoor Track 4,3,2,1
    • SC USA 1
    Infantry Insignia
  • Thomas M. Easton

    Thomas M. Easton

    “T” possesses a rare combination of intelligence, common sense, and an easygoing nature. These qualities plus his enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life (eating, sleeping, shooting baskets) will ensure “T” of happiness and success. To those who know him, he will always remain a good friend and a “good dude.”

    • Basketball 4,3,2,1
    Ordnance Corps Insignia
  • David L. Edwards

    David L. Edwards

    Everyone calls him “Pops.” He also goes by the alias of “Troll,” for at first glance he looks like a little old troll doll that you squeeze and cuddle when you go to sleep. Anyway, Pops will always be on the top of our list, and the Troll will always be close to our hearts.

    • Chess Club 3
    • CFAF 4
    Signal Corps Insignia
  • Earl W. Edwards

    Earl W. Edwards

    Roll-em out Earl! He lived, ate and slept hand-ball- with the emphasis on "slept"; 95% of the waking hours- he wasn't. The ADA is lucky to have him (Rumor was no one else would have him). But he'll have fun firing missles and protecting his Cav buddy on the border.

    • Handball 3,2,1
    • CPRC 3,2,1
    • Scuba Club 3,2
    • WKDT 4,3,2
    Air Defense Artillery Insignia
  • Jens C. Egeland

    Jens C. Egeland

    When he found out that they wouldn’t let him chop any trees at West Point, Jens set out to pursue a career in academic and military excellence. The Quartermaster Corps and Hawaii will never be the same after 7 June.

    Quartermaster Insignia
  • John Daniel Gallivan, IV

    John Daniel Gallivan, IV

    “The Kid” is truly one of a kind. Only he could build and drive “1/9” of a car, or keep the hours that he does. When Kid Gallivan is around there is never a dull moment, and when times get tough he is always willing to lend us a helping hand. We wish our true friend a very bright future.

    • Cadet Band 4,3
    • French Club 4
    • Ski Club 4,3,2
    • Finance Forum 3,2
    Ordnance Corps Insignia
  • John D. Hackenberg

    John D. Hackenberg

    Hailing from God’s country, Pennsylvania, John was always willing to help his buddies over the rough times. “Hack” is the considerate kind of guy who takes interest in others, on and off the football field. He departs with a diploma, a wife, and friends who will not forget him.

    • 150 lb Football Team 4,3
    • Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4,3
    • Officer’s Christian Fellowship 4,3
    • German Club 4,3
    • SCUSA 2
    Field Artillery Insignia
  • Frank A. Hardy

    Frank A. Hardy

    Frank tried his best to make West Point an enjoyable.experience by studying as little as possible while maximizing sleep and relaxing time. Weekends provided him needed recuperation time, and he could be found with G.J. Or 47 throughout the country at various locations from which yet another story would come.

    • Sports Parachute Club 3,2,1
    • Scuba Club 3,2,1
    Infantry Insignia
  • Jessie Milton Hartman Jr.
    A portrait of Jessie Milton Hartman Jr.

    Jessie Milton Hartman Jr.

    Jessie (G.M.H.) Hartman managed to stay in “Hawg”-1 for four years, one of the few lucky ones. He is the epitome of craziness, rowdiness, portraying, and just good ole’ down to earth hellraising. He has set a trend along with a few other derelicts in H-1 that will never be followed. So, Jess, just keep on truckin’!

  • Keith Herrington

    Keith Herrington

    Keith broke into the Academy at a full gallop and hasn't stopped since. With pistol in hand, he proceeded to shoot at everthing in sight. With the attributes of self-determination and loyalty to his friends, Keith will go a long way for sure. Look out world, here he comes!

    • Corps Squad Pistol Team 4,3,2,1
    • Pistol Club 4,3,2,1
    Military Intelligence
  • Terrence K. Hoffman

    Terrence K. Hoffman

    Abbie, hailing from Michigan, now finds himself a member of the old school, or is it old Corps? Why use the stairs when a rope from the fourth floor will do? A gold bar will only be one change come June. We wish him luck.

    • Pointer 4,3,2
    • German Club 4,3
    Armor Branch Insignia
  • Terrance Edward Jedrziewski

    Terrance Edward Jedrziewski

    Terry came to West Point with only one thing in mind and that was to excel. And he did. An “Engineer,” Terry also knew how to have a good time. TJ’s travel s as a cadet ranged from skiing in Colorado to the French Riviera. He really could tell stories.

    • Ski Patrol 3,2,1 (CIC 1)
    • Ski Instructor 2,1
    • Ski Club 4,3,2,1
    • SCUBA Diving Club 4,3,2,1
    • Kayak Slalom Team 2, 1
    • Orienteering Team 1
    • Catholic Chapel Choir 4,3
    • Track 4
    • Goat-Engineer Football 2
    • Outdoor Sportsmen’s Club 4,3,2
    Engineers Corps Insignia
  • Keith P. Jones

    Keith P. Jones

    A true hustler and competitor, Keith Patrick always lives a lifestyle described by the lyrics of Billy Joel songs. He enjoys a good time, but works his tail off too, especially the last minute English papers that come back with an “A” grade, thoroughly enraging his roommate.

    • Basketball 4,3
    Engineers Corps Insignia
  • Russel Leon Jones

    Russel Leon Jones

    Rare success resulted from Sac’s knack for meeting women. Russ, known most for his snuff and electronic wizardry, struggled through Cow Juice the way he fought all the Dean’s henchmen; in the end he always got through. Academics notwithstanding, winter found Russ on the ski slope downhilling his cares away.

    • Cadet Band 4,3
    • Ski Club 4,3,2,1
    • Ski Instructor 3,2,1
    • Co at-Engineer Football 2
    Infantry Insignia
  • Gary J. Kelley

    Gary J. Kelley

    Gary never let academics or other cadet requirements interfere with his number-one goal: the pursuit of sleep. When not in the rack, he could be found in the TV room, Grant Hall, the gym or, on weekends, cavorting and carousing with his cohorts in such dens of iniquity as Snuffy’s and the Hilltop Pub.

    • Cycling Club 4,3,2,1
    • Bugle Notes 4,3
    • SCUSA 4,3
    • Cadet Glee Club 2
    • Goat-Engineer Football 2
    Armor Branch Insignia
  • Michael W. Kiser

    Michael W. Kiser

    “The Kise” came from the “Happy Days” back in Milwaukee to West Point and had more good times. Academics didn’t keep him occupied enough so club and fencing trips kept his schedule busy. Mike ‘s good nature never wavered and success is sure to be on his side beyond graduation!

    • Fencing 4,3,2,1
    • Cadet Glee Club 4,3,2,1
    • Cadet Chapel Choir 4,3
    • Hop Committee 4,3
    • Class Committee 2,1
    • CPRC 3,2,1 (State Rep 1)
    • 150 lb Football 4
    Finance Insignia
  • Raymond Paul Lamoureux

    Raymond Paul Lamoureux

    Ray brought with him an easy going personality and a strong will to live his own life. Live, he did. Between Dana, the Forumula, and Peekskill, he still had enough time left for his friends. A more together friend one could never have. The boys will miss him.

    • Portuguese Language Club 4,3
    • Hop Committee 4
    • Military Affairs Club 3
    • Dialectic Society + 4,3
    Signal Corps Insignia
  • William D. Long

    William D. Long

    High ideals and high standards characterized Bill’s four years at the academy, yet he retained the ability to always evaluate things in their proper perspective. He will always be ardent, always be a friend, always be Bill.

    Armor Branch Insignia
  • Scott L. Loomis

    Scott L. Loomis

    "The Loom": His Infantry background gave him the uncanny ability to choose the (8th) Avenue of approach to his objective, whether it be legitimate or otherwise. His constant impish grim made us wonder whether he was thinking of his next drink, his Jaguar, or his future success in the Army.

    • SCUBA 2,1
    Infantry Insignia
  • Kenneth Robert Lucas Jr.

    Kenneth Robert Lucas Jr.

    Ken turned West Point into his own beach harem. Wenches came from near and far at his calling; they begged to do his bidding. At 245, Ken was an animal on the Rugby field, but off the field he was Joy’s “teddy bear”.

    • Football 4,3,2
    • Rugby 2,1
    Infantry Insignia
  • Robert Prentice Mallory

    Robert Prentice Mallory

    Robert is the exception to all exceptions. Not only does he spin a good tune, but he can also chop through some pretty steep moguls. Whatever the case may be, Robert will always be known as a “closet hive” who never failed to pass “the poop” to friend in need.

    • WKDT 4,3,2,1
    • Rugby 1
    • Contemporary Affairs 4,3,2,1
    Quartermaster Insignia
  • Edward J. Manion

    Edward J. Manion

    The man from the smallest state has a big heart. His devotion to duty, friendship and pursuit of excellence show the desire which fills that heart. Ed’s conscientiousness will earn him merit as he serves in the Infantry, the branch of his choice. His capacity for faith will sustain him.

    • French Club 4
    • Scuba Club 4,3,2
    Infantry Insignia
  • Paul Cutler Miles

    Paul Cutler Miles

    Not one to be easily upset by life, Skip’s attitude is best summed up in his favorite quotation, “Those who cannot survive disaster do not deserve success.” That says it all.

    • Ski Club 4,3,2,1
    Military Intelligence Insignia
  • Richard E. Morrow

    Richard E. Morrow

    At the period of adolescence, when character is plastic and impulse wayward, before the stereotype has set, control and constraint are the essential forces for impressing permanent form upon young manhood. If the material can be removed from contaminating impurities, fused in the furnace of hard work, and kept in its mold until it has set, the best has been done that education can do for character, provided the mold is a noble one. Is this the noble mold?

    Military Intelligence Insignia
  • John Bellis O’Dowd

    John Bellis O’Dowd

    John has earned many aliases during his career: Crash, Pele and the Mad Strangler, but his quiet and studious nature earned him the admiration and respect of both cadets and officers. John will be remembered for his academic sincerity and his complete set of unused textbooks.

    • Wrestling 4,3,2,1
    Engineers Corps Insignia
  • James C. O’Shaughnessy

    James C. O’Shaughnessy

    Anyone who knows him recognized him as a quiet, hard-working guy who has a way of turning up when you need him. He doesn’t always say much, but when he does, it’s a smart man who listens.

    Field Artillery Insignia
  • David Steven Pickerell

    David Steven Pickerell

    "Pick" has two strong hands - one stretching out to help anyone in need and the other gripping the Bible. All Dave's efforts are in the right direction. He has high ambitions and is the only 30-year man I know.

    • Football 4
    • Ski Club 1
    • FCA 4, 1
    • Caded Chapel Ushers and Acolutes 1
    Armor Branch Insignia
  • Michael William Price

    Michael William Price

    “Pickles” came to West Point with a merry soul and a great sense of humor. He was a good friend to all who knew him. Wherever there was a party, Mike was found in the midst of it all singing Rugby songs and yelling his favorite motto, “Let’s Party.”

    • Rubgy 4,3,2,1
    • Goat-Engineer Football 2
    Field Artillery Insignia
  • Wallace W. Price

    Wallace W. Price

    Wally managed to make it through West Point without having his outlook on me changed. Though he was a lady’s man, he also flirted with the academic departments. His dynamic personality allowed him to play consular to all. A man of class; it was an honor to know him.

    • Karate Club 4,2,1
    • French Club 4,3
    • Cycling Club 2
    Field Artillery Insignia
  • James D. Rodgers

    James D. Rodgers

    “Rodjo” learned too late how to enjoy himself at Woo Poo. He’s gonna miss it all – like a bad toothache. There are too many friends and good times to mention them all, but Mac and Bruce stand out. “ADA all the way – out and free in ‘83.” Vale West Point!

    • Rugby Club 2,1
    • Ski Club 2,1
    • Car Committee 2,1
    Adjutant General Insignia
  • Jeffrey A. Romer

    Jeffrey A. Romer

    Armed with a quick wit, a tremdous gift for expression, and a personality that wouldn't quit, Jeff was a friend to all. Noted for his outstanding after-taps really performances, the Stroh's Kid will long occupy a place in our hearts and a seat in Grant Hall. Aah! Beep! Beep!

    • Catholic Chapel Choir 4
    • Academy Lyceum, CFAF 3
    • Outdoor Sportsmen's Club 3,2,1
    Armor Branch Insignia
  • Douglas W. Salzmann

    Douglas W. Salzmann

    Warren made his way from Jackson, Mo. To the great grey walls of West Point. He is always remembered for his academic ability, his sarcastic sense of humor and his willingness to lend a helping hand. He will certainly take with him the friendship of all who knew him.

      Signal Corps Insignia
    • John A. Schell Jr.

      John A. Schell Jr.

      John "The Kid" was a true friend and known to be an honest and easygoing Texan. Due to his laidback persona, John did not seek to attain the higher echelons of cadet rank; instead, he was content to remain a Snuffy on his way to becoming an officer in the U.S. Army and to further serve his country.

      Air Defense Artillery Insignia
    • Clarence Allan Shuford

      Clarence Allan Shuford

      Bear was always around to give an encouraging word and help show the way. Sometimes he didn’t know where he was going, but he always got there. Give him a job and it got done. We’re not sure how, but it got done. Thanks, Burr!

      • Theatre Support Group 4,3,2,1
      Infantry Insignia
    • John H. Sinclair

      John H. Sinclair

      Jack came to us after a year at Syracuse University. After two years trying to get here and taking five years to make it through, Jack has earned the respect of all of us. While the week went slowly for him, Anne speeded weekends all too quickly on their way. Despite what he says, he secretly enjoys cadet life.

      • Swimming Team 4
      • German Language Club 4,3,2
      • SCUBA Diving Club 4,3
      Field Artillery Insignia
    • John F. Stewart III

      John F. Stewart III

      John became a true Hawg and a Goat at the same time. Warm but moody, it took a while to get to know Stew, but his friendship made the effort worthwhile. Full of life and love, he was never satisfied with one woman; he settled for two.

      • Baseball 4
      • Goat-Engineer
      • Football 2
      Infantry Insignia
    • John Robert Stone (Fox)

      John Robert Stone (Fox)

      Foxy’s already trained for combat having fought a two-year war with his Tac. Able to overcome any obstacle by ignoring it until it went away, always attempting to build a better Z-Field, Foxy proved he had no common sense...he took superjuice. How many Southerners hate girls? Reggin...

      • Pointer 2,1
      • Manager, Football (Plebe) 1
      • German Club 2,1
      • SCUSA 4,3
      • Electronics Club 4
      • White Water Canoe Seminar 3
      Air Defense Artillery Insignia
    • William C. Sumner

      William C. Sumner

      With sarcasm as sharp as a knife and a mind to match, Willy will always be remembered as the Wild man from the Woods. Catching heavenly hash and bag were his daily vices. His intensity in living was matched only by his craziness.

      • Football 4
      • Wrestling 4
      • Orienteering Club 3,2,1
      • French Club 4,3,2,1
      Chemical Corps
    • Timothy Jay Sweeney

      Timothy Jay Sweeney

      Broadway Tim route stepped through his four year Corps Squad career. A real Klondike Trooper, always willing to go out of his way to take advantage of his classmates. Always striving to set standards, he says, "Regulations are like ghosts. If you don't believe in them they don't exist."

      • Indoor Track 4,3,2,1
      • Outdoor Track 4,3,2,1
      • SCUSA 3,2,1
      • Chess Club 4
      • Tactics Committee 2
      Field Artillery Insignia
    • Nicholas J. Tessino

      Nicholas J. Tessino

      “Big Daddy” will always be remembered for his ability to add a little humor to any situation. His altruistic, easygoing approach toward all aspects of life earned Nick admiration and friendship from all those who met him. When he was not playing the part of the company punching bag he was in the “bag” dreaming of yet another reason to have one more party.

      • Astronomy Club 2
      • Geology Club 2,1
      • Sailing Club 1
      Transportation Insignia
    • Ken R. Thronson

      Ken R. Thronson

      “Bear’s” hard work and determination enabled him to clear the academic hurdles that stood before him and attain the higher goals he had set for himself. He was a dynamic leader in every respect, and the dedicated and respected commander of Company E-4. The desire for excellence in every aspect of life can only spell success for the “Golden Bear.”

      • Golf 4,3,2,1
      Quartermaster Insignia
    • Joseph J. Tramposch Jr.

      Joseph J. Tramposch Jr.

      Success at West Point was the highest priority in Joe’s life. To those of us who know him best, he will always be remembered as a genuine friend. A soldier dedicated to duty. Ready to accept any assignment regardless of the odds.

      • Catholic Chapel Choir 4
      • Cadet Glee Club 3,2
      • Goat-Engineer Football 2
      Field Artillery Insignia
    • Leigh W. Wacenske

      Leigh W. Wacenske

      Leigh, the old man, entered the Academy to begin his never ending search for more Physics poop. In the process, he amazed all by his consumption of vast amounts of cigarettes and late night cups of coffee. Leigh is a good friend and will, no doubt, succeed at everything.

      Military Intelligence
    • Lawrence C. Wiggins

      Lawrence C. Wiggins

      Larry “What Is Life” Wiggins, a good friend to all and one wild and crazy, swinging guy, will be eternally remembered for his tape player, John Wayne Belt, “Tasmanian Devil” imitations and his love for every other letter. With New Jersey his home, he wants to roam. Good luck “Wigs”.

      • Class Committee 2,1
      • Finance Forum 1
      Ordnance Corps Insignia
    • Bruce Alan Wilhelm

      Bruce Alan Wilhelm

      Bruce came to us from B-More with a stick in his hand and a smile on his face. Through flight school and those impossible Mechanics courses, the "Ace" managed to survive. No matter where or when, Bruce was always ready to lend a hand. He was a true friend to us all.

      • JV Lacrosse 4,3,2
      • Ski Club 2,1
      • CFAF (Drama Seminar) 3
      Military Intelligence


      BRUCE ALAN WILHELM, Colonel, US Army (Ret.), 64 of Swan Point, MD and Great Mills, MD, passed away on December 11, 2019 at home in Swan Point surrounded by his family after a 6 month battle against cancer. Bruce will forever be in our hearts; loved and cherished and respected for the grace, bravery and integrity he showed through this debilitating ordeal.

      Bruce was born on July 17, 1955 in Baltimore, MD to Anna Stoffa Wilhelm (deceased) and William James Wilhelm, of Dundalk, MD. Bruce graduated from Dundalk High School in 1973 and the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, NY in 1978 with a degree in aeronautical engineering and his initial helicopter qualifications. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. After completing Airborne School, the Officer’s Basic Course and serving in the Transportation Corps supporting Special Operations, Bruce obtained his attack helicopter transition and went to Maintenance Test Pilot School and the Advanced Officers Course. During this period he tested over 11 different types of aircraft and transitioned to Apache helicopters.

      Bruce left active duty in 1986 with an Honorable Discharge as a Captain and relocated to Annapolis, MD where he worked for AIRINC. In 1996, Bruce accepted a position as a civilian with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and moved with his family to California, MD. Bruce’s last position was Director, Industrial Business Operations for NAVAIR which he held until the time of his death. In that role, he lead the efforts of a multifunctional team of NAVAIR, Navy, and Joint Force employees to formulate plans and policy to implement overarching strategies affecting industrial operations, capability assessments, industrial source of repair decisions and depot-level posturing decisions.

      Bruce continued his military service in the reserve components, 15 years in the Maryland National Guard and 6 years in a US Army Reserve Unit in Richmond Va. for a total of 30 years, retiring as a Colonel in 2008. During his tours in the reserves, he traveled to Somalia and Afghanistan in support of military operations. Bruce received 33 military awards during the course of his career, including the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal with three oak leaf clusters, the Joint Command Service Medal, and the Army Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters. He was recognized for his significant and long-term contributions in the promotion of Army Aviation by being presented the Silver Order of St. Michael Award by the Army Aviation Association of America.

      Bruce loved music, spending time with Diana after they met in 2013, fishing with his family, and had been an avid member of the Maryland Saltwater Sportfishing Association.

      Bruce is survived by his wife, Diana L. Havenner of Swan Point, MD., father, William J. Wilhelm & brothers, William “Billy” Wilhelm, and Phillip J. Wilhelm (Bonnie) all of Machipongo, VA., father-in-law, John “Jack” Havenner of Swan Point, MD, his son, William H. Wilhelm of Rising Sun, MD, his daughter, Anna V. Wilhelm of Annapolis, MD, and their mother, his prior spouse Emily D. Harman of Staunton, VA, his step-daughter, Brittani Croft (Dustin) and their children, Weston and Hayden, and step-son John-Brooks “JB” Bowling, both of SC, nephews Alex Wilhelm (Emily), John Wilhelm (Christina), nieces Ola Wilhelm, Yana Wilhelm, and Victoria Wilhelm, as well as a large close-knit family of uncles, aunts and cousins.

    • Douglas K. Zimmerman

      Douglas K. Zimmerman

      There is a right way and a wrong way, then there is Dave’s way. You could always count on Dave for a kind word. Those who were fortunate enough to know him will treasure his friendship forever.

      Armor Branch Insignia

    Interment eligibility restrictions lifted

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