45th Reunion

October 29th, 2023 - 45th Reunion Update


The 45th Reunion now is in our rear-view mirrors and hopefully everyone will find their way home safely. It was great reconnecting with so many classmates and spouses. Odin stayed away until Sunday morning and while the Army Football Team struggled, the Parachute Team gave us 3 specular exhibitions.

Personally, we are determined to do a better job staying in touch with those we were able to reconnect with this weekend. We hope you will too. The reunion reminded us how important these connections are, and life is just too short not to make them a priority. Besides that, it was so great to relive cherished memories that our kids don’t want to hear about for the 50th time! 

Between now and the next reunion, we will have many more opportunities to stay connected as we work together to support and influence the class of 2028. This is a chance for us to have real impact on the future of the Army one last time.

It was our honor to organize the 45th Reunion. Many hands made for light work and made the reunion a success. Thank you for the opportunity to serve our class. Be proud & great.  

Dale & Jan Hamby

May it be said, Well Done”!!

It was a fantastic reunion!!

Thanks for your leadership, planning and that you did to make everything happen in a flawless fashion.
Proud and Great!

Dale and Jan - you led a fantastic team that delivered memories of a lifetime! fall out, big bites, great job - THANKS!

Thank you for an amazing Reunion! There was a special vibe for this one and you both deserve much of the credit!

This was a tremendous reunion! 
You two completed a tremendous labor of love for the entire Class. 
Your preparation, planning, hard work, dedication, and commitment made it possible and assured its success.
Thank you very much!

Thank you both so much for your stellar planning and execution of a GREAT class reunion.  All of us had a wonderful time!

Ditto!!!  Fantastic weekend; thanks to you and the great team!

Great job! Really looking forward to what Jan and Dale have in store for us for our 50th.

Great job!  Fall out, make sandwiches!!

Let me join the group offering my sincere thanks for a job well.done.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely. 

We loved every minute, every event.  Your magnigicent efforts were  visible to and appreciated by all.  Enduring thanks and appreciation for the gift you gave to each of us ..... an incredible 45th!

GREAT job Dale and Jan. We are all PROUD of all the work you did and especially with Odin. The evening for Company/group get together was a great idea.We had a blast.

Class of 1978,

This was my second reunion after our last one (40th).  I can’t tell you how impactful both of them have been on reaffirming a commitment to the friendships and values we gained at West Point. 
Coming HOME to West Point on these two reunion weekends has been nothing short of wonderful.  For me, reuniting with many of you again has been like meeting a long lost brother after 40 or 45 years. Thursday night at the Class Receptiin, I met a classmate who was even later than me… this was his first class reunion.  I told him that it would be like coming home and when I saw him during our Friday night dinner, he agreed that it was that and more. 
Since returning from our 40th anniversary in 2018, I have made it a point to tell any academy grad whom I meet (yes, even USNA, USAFA and USCGA grads) not to miss any class reunions.  I tell them to find out when their next reunion is and to mark it on their calendar as an absolute MUST ATTEND. 
Now my next step is to do a better job of staying in tough.  No excuse, Sir!  I guess that means being more active on Facebook (ugh!) and via email. Since I still travel for business, I will try to meet up with some of you while I am on the road. 
Last, but absolutely NOT LEAST, I would
like to echo all the praises for Dale, Jan and the reunion committee. We can also give the AOG an “Atta Boy,” but it was Dale & Jan and Team who made the reunion such a memorable experience for the other 500+ of us.  WOW, that is a big number.  
To finish off this email: GO ARMY - BEAT NAVY!

October 13th, 2023 - 45th Reunion Update

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June 20, 2023 - 45th Reunion Update

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April 28, 2023 - 45th Reunion Update

  • Latest update from Dale & Jan Hamby
  • Reunion Schedule (Tentative)
  • Make reservations at the Westchester Marriott
  • Buy tickets and watch Army massacre the Minutemen
  • FAQ's
  • West Point AOG Reunion Website


April 1, 2023 - 45th REUNION UPDATE

(no April Fools Day jokes here)

Dear Classmates,

Planning continues to move forward for our 45 th Class Reunion taking place at the end of October 2023. As you should know, hotel rooms are available at the Westchester Marriott and when those run out we have an option on a block down the street. Football tickets are available, and I recommend you purchase them now if you plan to attend the game. At some point, probably June or July, Army Athletics will pull back any unsold seats in our block and make them available to the public. Get your rooms and tickets now! If you snooze, you lose. Game time is expected to be 1200 noon, however, that is subject to change up until June.

The committee has been fleshing out the reunion schedule and we expect to have a more refined schedule posted online in the next week or so. AOG will send out an announcement. There will still be several TBDs listed on the schedule as we attempt to negotiate various contracts. We are adding information about a number of tours at and around West Point on Thursday in addition to the Golf Outing at the West Point course. As in the past, Jeff Manley is setting up a great golf outing but there will also be options for those who don’t hit the links.

The committee is working very hard to make sure we get the best deals possible and that you get value for your money. That said, prices for our reception, dinner, and transportation will be considerably higher than in past years. Any of you who go out to dinner or shop at the grocery store know that prices are up. Fuel and labor costs have also pushed up transportation costs. A conference planning friend of ours told us that with the increases in food costs, staffing costs, service fees and taxes, a lunch that cost $25 last year costs $41.60 this year. She said we should expect even higher increases in the NYC area. We will be finalizing registration in May, and it should open to the class in June. Rob Grubbs is putting together a selection of unique class of 1978 items for your consideration. This merchandise will be available for individual orders this summer.

We will send out another update in about a month. If you have any questions, or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Proud & Great!

Dale & Jan
45th Reunion Co-Chairs


Class of 1978,

This is the first of my monthly 45th Reunion updates I will be sending to you. Your reunion committee has been hard at work for the past several months working to make this the best reunion yet. Everything is not locked down yet so there may be changes, but this is the best poop we have right now. If you ever have questions, or problems, please do not hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Notes: This and all communications regarding the reunion, can also be found at usma1978.com or westpointaog.org/1978reunion.

We have tried to build white space into the schedule, so people have time to spend with friends, relax, and explore on their own or in small groups. We have contracted with AOG to handle reunion administration. Both AOG and West Point are working with us on the reunion, but we are not their only concern and that sometimes means it takes time to get things worked out. We chose the Westchester Marriott as our headquarters because it is big enough to handle our class and our evening events.

Our block of rooms at the Westchester Marriott is currently 60% reserved. If you haven’t made a reservation yet, please do so as soon as possible. We have 'courtesy blocks' at a neighboring hotel for after we fill our Westchester Marriott block and bus transportation will cover people staying there. Buses will not stop at other locations if you choose to stay somewhere else.

Thursday – October 26, 2023
  • Golf Outing at West Point
  • Tours to West Point Olympic sites and a local distillery. Other informal tours possible
  • Casual buffet reception at the Westchester Marriott
Friday – October 27, 2023
  • Memorial Service at Cadet Chapel
  • Class meeting
  • Presentation by AOG and Superintendent
  • Lunch at Eisenhower Hall
  • Free time to visit Cadet Store and other sites at West Point/informal tours
  • Class dinner/dancing at Westchester Marriott
Saturday – October 28, 2023
  • Cadet Parade
  • Class Photo
  • Lunch in Mess Hall
  • Army beats UMass at Michie Stadium
  • Dinner on your own, as a company, sports team, or just a group of friends at one of the restaurants in the Tarrytown area (around the hotel). Each group makes their own reservations. We hope to have a place on our website to help groups coordinate getting together.

Sunday – October 29, 2023
  • Checkout
  • Safe travels
Coming down the pike

Football Tickets
We expect our block of football tickets to become available starting March 1. Actual registration for the reunion is expected to open June 7, 2023. The golf outing is tentatively scheduled for Thu, from 0900 - 1500; stay tuned for more info.

Select Barrel of PiggyBack Rye
There will also be information about the purchase of a select barrel of PiggyBack rye whiskey from WhistlePig Distillery, where Dave Pickerell (RIP) was the original Master Distiller. 156 bottles with special labeling and class crest will be available for advance purchase and pickup at the reunion.

List of Attendees
In addition to other information on our website we hope to add a list of those who have made reservations at the hotel, and later, who have registered for the reunion. We hope this will help in your planning. If you do not want to be listed, please let me know and we will not include your name.

Dale Hamby


Save the Date/Hotel Block Open

USMA 1978 – 45th Reunion
October 26-29, 2023
West Point, New York

  • westpointaog.org/1978reunion
  • usma1978.com/events/45th-reunion


1. Hotel: The reunion committee has selected the Westchester Marriott as our headquarters hotel. You can book rooms now!

             Westchester Marriott
                        670 White Plains Rd, Tarrytown, NY 10591-5104
                        800.882.1042 or 914.631.2200
             Rate per night: $189+
             Reserve Online: Westchester Marriott
             Group code: West Point Class of 1978 block
             Reservation deadline: Wednesday, October 4, 2023
             Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be made 72 hrs prior to the arrival date to avoid penalty of one night’s room/tax.

2. Schedule: Coming soon. For planning purposes, the reunion events will begin on Thursday during the day with a golf outing, followed by an evening reception at the hotel.  The reunion will conclude on Saturday evening, October 28th.

3. Online Registration: Set to open Summer 2023. 

We are not planning any snail-mailings for this reunion, so if you are in touch with any classmate who does not receive this email, have them update their email address with WPAOG by sending it to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or logging into the WPAOG website and updating their profile: www.westpointaog.org/profile.

Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 845.446.1649.

We look forward to seeing you this Fall!

Proud and Great,
Dale & Jan Hamby
Class Reunion Co-Chairs



11 Nov 2022 - Happy Veterans Day

On behalf of Dale & Jan Hamby and the 45th Reunion Committee, I'm happy to report the date for our 45th Reunion has been etched in stone. This email will serve as the first of many to keep you in the know as well as to solicit input as needed to ensure the best reunion yet. I personally have been to all but one reunion, and they do seem to get better and better. As you may recall, this reunion was to be on a football weekend and we've been waiting for the NCAA to lock in the 2023 football schedule, and that has recently happened.

Key Information:
  • Dates: Thu, 26 Oct 2023 - Sun, 29 Oct 2023
  • Venue: TBD although we're working through a contract as we speak and will publish that information in 2 - 3 weeks
  • Football: Beat UMass
  • A poll/survey will be released inside of the next week or two to solicit information regarding your plans to attend (as best as you may know at this time). We're attempting to get as accurate a count as we can and specifically when arriving and number of days to secure the most favorable venue rate.
  • Our reunion falls on Halloween weekend; do I sense a masquerade party???
  • The reunion committee is meeting soon as the planning enters a new phase.
  • The reunion committee consists of:
    • Dale & Jan Hamby - Reunion Chairs
    • Jim Hoffman
    • Jim Steiner
    • Howaerd Lazarus
    • John Londa
    • Curtis Harris
    • Tony Matos
    • Jeff Manley
    • Rob Grubbs
    • Bob Olds
    • Les Szabolcsi
    • Ben Butler
    • Calvin Carter
    • Darcy Anderson
    • Mike Berendt
    • Jim Bannantine
    • Russ Quirici

Commo associated with the reunion shall be posted on our class website at https://usma1978.com/events/45th-reunion, but you'll always receive a notification via the class listserv ahead of time. 

Go Army! Beat UMass! Beat Navy!